Azerbaijan Journal of  High Performance Computing publishes articles that include the latest scientific and research findings in the field of knowledge edges or industrial activities in  High Performance Computing Systems after two blind reviews and other related operations related to the referee process. The main goal of this journal is to publish up-to-date articles in the field of solving challenges associated with the management of High Performance Computing Systems and their applications in various industrial areas. Besides the publication of articles by international authors, this journal publishes articles about the research of local authors, taking into account that ADNSU (in English as ASOIU) is the hub of High Performance Computing Systems in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The university's policies for the past five years have been a presence in the Republic of Azerbaijan and international projects, especially the projects of the European Union and publication of the results of the mentioned projects along with conventional articles. During the next five years, this university will try, in addition, to publish conventional articles, to publish articles on the applications of High Performance Computing Systems and Exascale Computing Systems. This policy makes it possible to, together with the mentioned items publish articles related to all aspects of High Performance Computing Systems (Supercomputer, Cluster Computing, Peer Peer Computing, Grid, and Cloud  Computing, Fog, Edge Computing, IoT Computing, and Exascale computing systems) in the following areas:

  • Technology, innovation and new concepts;
  • Architecture, systems, and frameworks for managing High Performance Computing Systems and Exascale Computing Systems or applying said systems in scientific and industrial fields;
  • Algorithms, systematic approaches, languages, programs, and paradigms in the field of distributed and parallel computing;
  • Criteria and methods for evaluating the performance of computing systems or the application of computing systems in various scientific fields;
  • Simulation and emulation, data analysis;
  • Application and system software for Scientific Computing and Big Data management.

This journal provides instant and open access to content. We hope you find this journal timely, engaging, and informative. We welcome your contributions and suggestions to this journal. We hope that AzJHPC will be an ideal place for publishing your following exciting results.