• Predicting the Status of Thyroid and Cardiovascular Patients According to Their Electronic Records Using Temporal Elements Based on the Combination of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) and Deep Learning

    by Amirhossein Jalilzadeh Afshari

  • Application of AHP for weighting clients in Federated Learning

    by Samir Aliyev

  • Survey of usage artificial intelligence mechanism in the load balancer

    by Nigar Ismayilova

  • Thai Text-to-Image Prompt Engineering by Pre-trained Large Language with Stable Diffusion Model

    by Pakpoom Mookdarsanit and Lawankorn Mookdarsanit

  • Integrating Word2Vec Embeddings and Naive Bayes Classifier for Serious Game Data Analysis and Enhancement

    by Anar Mammadli

  • Predictive Modeling of Click-Through Rates: A Regression Analysis Approach

    by Suleyman Suleymanzade