Azerbaijan Journal of High Performance Computing 

an International OPEN ACCESS Journal


Araz Aliev,
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah, 
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Shahed University, Tehran, Iran.

Advisory Board

Rajkumar Buyya, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

Jysoo Lee, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Thuwal, Saudi Arabia)

Mohsen Sharifi, Iran University Science and Technology (Tehran, Iran)

Editorial Board

Member of ADNSU Advance High Performance Computer Center, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Sponsored by Azerbaijan oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan.

ISSN: 2616-6127 (print), 2617-4383 (online).


Publication Frequency: 2 issues per year. Available in Print and Electronic format.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Number 2 (2023).



Preface by HPC center of ASOIU  

We are happy that in 2023, ADNSU (in English ASOIU) has achieved goals of acquiring knowledge of creating and managing HPC systems, especially in distributed Exascale systems. Since 2017, this university has started preparing to establish the Azerbaijan Journal of High Performance Computing and trained students and human resources in creating and managing HPC systems. Implementation of national projects, cooperation with domestic organizations and institutions to meet the computing requirements, the university's participation in creating country-specific computing models, participation in international projects, especially projects related to European Union HORIZON, holding annual specialized meetings related to international projects in the Republic of Azerbaijan, participation in the formulation of international projects shows the maturity of the previous knowledge in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The specialized Azerbaijan Journal of High Performance Computing has operated regularly and according to the order defined for it, even during the challenging times of COVID-19, with the experts on the editorial board. The indexing of the journal by reliable indexers, as well as creating a stable structure for its publication, was not possible except with the cooperation of international experts and the internal team. ADNSU in 2023 while creating an administrative structure for the advanced HPC research center of the university, it will also delegate the management and implementation of administrative activities related to the journal of the center as mentioned earlier. As the main sponsor of the journal, it will oversee its publication process until the goals are achieved. This issue aligns with the focus of activities related to the knowledge of the creation and management of computing systems in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the implementation of activities assigned to the university. It is hoped that the Republic of Azerbaijan and ADNSU  will be able to take the next step in becoming the center of regional computing after implementing activities related to creating a computing structure and publishing a specialized journal. This critical thing will only be possible with the support of the competent institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the cooperation of researchers-scientists and competent international organizations. We hope for the increasing success of researchers and scientists in strategic computing, especially researchers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



HPC center team of ASOIU